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Deleting an embedded link on mobile phone



I accidentally pasted a link from twitter into the reply box and it embedded itself as an image of someone's tweet and will not go away.

I read some of the questions and answers related to this on here, but the solutions are not working on my mobile. I think I saw somewhere to go over the spoiler box or link and then a little cross symbol will appear in the top left corner and using that you can delete it. However, any time I try and press on or near the embedded link it opens that link. And when I press the backspace button all it does is highlight the embedded link, but once highlighted the phone's keyboard disappears. And no cross icon is appearing in the top left hand corner when I highlight the embedded link and I haven't been able to get that icon by pressing near the link either because doing that just opens the link.

Please let me know if there's a way to delete this embedded link.

Also, I was just wondering how to quote only part of someone's post instead of the entire thing.

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@mujay If you have trouble removing a name you've tagged in your post, either click in front (or at the end of the line above it) and hit delete. You can also click behind the name and hit backspace. If that doesn't work, try selecting the entire text and hitting delete or backspace. If that still doesn't work, just post it anyway and either report the post or ask a moderator to remove the tag. It's smart to tell the person you tagged in your post that you tagged him/her by mistake :)

There used to be a problem with the number of likes shown for a post. That problem has been solved. Do you still experience this problem? Or do you mean that the notification for it (the bell sign in the upper right of your screen) does not show all of the likes you've gotten?

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@dreadaeleonkvothe could you have picked an easier name to spell? :D 

There are several ways to remove an embedded link from your reply-box.

1) Hover over the box untill you see a crosshair at the top left. Click the crosshair and hit delete.

2) Select all the text and hit backspace or delete

3) Place your cursor in front/above the box and hit delete

4) Click the box, not the link mind you, and hit delete or backspace.

If all that doesn't work out, just post the link and edit the post afterwards or contact a Mod to remove it for you :) 

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