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KBS Responds to the Rumors of Comedians Leaving “Gag Concert”


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It was rumored on November 2 that there have been serious disagreements between the comedians appearing in KBS‘s “Gag Concert” and the producing staff of the show, and that many famous comedians have left the show as a result. The details of the rumor were quite explicit, saying that the comedians will move to tvN‘s […]

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Guest GagconCobigFan

I hope it's not true. I mean yeah I love both shows so much and I watch both shows tho the only different is that since Gag Concert is subbed by KBS World on TV and also available on Youtube than it's easy for me to watch and understand it. But for Comedy Big League, nobody subs the show. I mean there might be chance now for Mnet to subs it but judging from the poll they've posted on their facebook before, mostly want mnet to start subbing and airing Problematic Men or even Unpretty Rapstar instead of cobig. This is like my only chance to watch cobig with subs and finally understand what they say because I've been struggling so hard and there's so many comedians that I love in cobig mostly Jang Dongmin but yeah I love all of them. Both gagcon and cobig gagmen I love them all<3 but i don't really see the chance anymore but I still hope they would sub cobig. If it's easier for me to watch the show than I don't really mind comedians moving to cobig or vice versa cause I don't have any like umm... competition between both shows. In fact there are already many gagmen that were originally from KBS that moved to TvN. Like Dongmin himself. And bunch of others that I cam easily name them but too laY right now lol. And there are some (or one??) that I know moved to gagcon from cobig which is Im Jonghyeok. The fact that gagcon introduced me to cobig and made me love even more comedians that I don't have any hate on cobig. Why would I like eventho they're competing between each other, they're still one big family of comedians to me. They're close with each other like how Jimin and Doyeon with Narae are bestfriend and always hang out together. And more~ if not because of gagcon I wouldn't know cobig. Well to be exact, if not because of Dongmin (and Seyun and Sangmu lol) I would've not watch cobig cause they're like the only reason I watch the show at first but it comes tl regularly watching it now and plus with my friend influincing me with all the handsome comedians in cobig hahaha xD so yeah~ either way, I'm just hoping mnet would sub cobig. Not much people know this show but I'm sure that if it got sub, many people will see how funny cobig is. Even for me that didn't even get a thing lol.

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