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"Hidden Singer" Recruiting BoA, G-Dragon, and Psy Imitators for Fourth Season

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The production team behind the upcoming fourth season of “Hidden Singer” is looking for talented singers who can imitate the voices of top stars.

On May 29, JTBC released a TV spot advertising its recruitment of singers who can vocally impersonate prominent artists like Park Hyo Shin, MC Mong, Lee Sora, Song Chang Sik, Lee Hyori, PSY, G-Dragon, Lee Seung Chul, Cho Yong Pil, BoA, Kim Dong Ryul, and many others.

In addition, interested participants can register for rematches with singers who have already appeared on past seasons of the show. These singers include Baek Ji Young, Park Jung Hyun, Sung Si Kyung, Lee Moon Sae, Lim Chang Jung, Jang Yoon Jung, Wheesung, and more. The show is also looking for talented impersonators of legendary posthumous singers like Kim Hyun Sik, Shin Hae Chul, Yoo Jae Ha, and Michael Jackson, among others.

"Hidden Singer" is a competition program where contestants and a famous artist sing from behind a curtain, the objective being for the contestants to vocally mimic the artist to their best of their ability so as to make it difficult for viewers to figure out whom the real artist is.


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