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Faulty Elevator Nearly Leads to Gruesome Scene

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A faulty elevator almost led to a horrible accident at an apartment building in a suburb of Seoul.

The video of the incident, featured below, shows a man as he attempts to enter an elevator. When the doors open, however, the elevator continues to ascend instead of coming to a stop. Unaware of this, the man trips into the elevator as it continues to rise, but is luckily able to escape before being crushed.

According to the SBS report, the defect that causes an elevator to function while its doors are open can be fixed with the addition of a single safety mechanism. Although a 2000 law made the installation of such a mechanism mandatory, the elevator in question was installed in 1999 and was thus exempt from such regulations.

In an interview with SBS, a professor from Seoul National University of Science and Technology explained that, “When machinery gets old it needs to be inspected and old parts need to be replaced, but the reality is that people avoid investing in maintenance and upkeep.” Meanwhile, the incident is yet another example of public safety issues that have been raised since the Sewolho disaster last year brought the issue of safety regulations to the national forefront.

Check out the video here: Source (1)

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