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Fin.K.L Members Get Dorky in Recent Reunion

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As several groups from the 90s are getting back together, Fin.K.L, too, reunited. Recently, a post on an online community titled “Fin.K.L reunion” showed pictures of the four original members together. In one of the revealed images, Lee Jin, Lee Hyori, Ok Joo Hyun, and Sung Yuri seem to still be close friends as they cuddle up together for the picture. Despite the years that have passed since they first debuted, all of them are still agelessly beautiful. Though they are no longer a group and each carry out their own successful careers, their everlasting friendship is still good news for fans. fin.k.l Meanwhile, since they 2005 digital album “FINKL,” the members have been actively performing as actors, musical performers, and singers on their own. Source (1) (2) (3) See also: Sung Yuri Reveals How Fin.K.L Got Revenge on Anti-Fan on "Healing Camp" 

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