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Park Myung Soo Is Mesmerized by Hong Jong Hyun's Charms: "I Almost Kissed You"

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Park Myung Soo was enchanted by guest Hong Jong Hyun on the recent broadcast of his radio show, which aired on April 15. On the show, Hong Jong Hyun reveals he is a fan of Park Myung Soo and compliments his unexpectedly warm personality. "I noticed Park Myung Soo had a kind personality after being on shows with him. He was very caring and considerate of me." As a response Park Myung Soo says, "Tell me that you love me," and Hong Jong Hyun immediately looks him in the eyes and says "I love you" right away. After that, Park Myung Soo jokes, "I almost kissed you." park myung soo hong jong hyun 2 The DJ goes on to compliment the actor's handsomeness and boosts his ego some more. Hong Jong Hyun is modest in hearing this compliment, but Park Myung Soo tells him to "Be honest," at which the actor then accepts the compliment with thanks. Then the DJ wraps it up, saying, "Let's just say that others said you are handsome," and Hong Jong Hyun agrees. Source (1) (2) See also: Hong Jong Hyun Compares His Income to Kim Woo Bin’s on “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show” Hong Jong Hyun Reveals Which Girl Group Has Caught His Attention

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