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"We Got Married" Henry's Goal Is to Make Yewon Fat?

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On the April 11 broadcast of MBC virtual marriage show “We Got Married,” Yewon and Henry go on a date at an amusement park. Henry tells Yewon, “I have a new goal. It’s to make you extremely fat.” Yewon Yewon responds by puffing up her cheeks and says, “You mean even if I [look] like this?” Smiling as bright as ever, Henry says, “Let’s gain weight.” Park Mi Sun from the studio panel comments, “Guys says that they like chubby [girls], but when we actually gain weight they dislike it.” Heo Kyung Hwan responds by saying that guys only say that because they doubt their girl actually will gain weight, making the panel laugh. Yewon Source (1) See also: “We Got Married” Yewon Falls for Henry’s Angelic Charms Henry and Yewon Go on a Haunted House Date On “We Got Married” Henry Tells Yewon to Call Him “Oppa” on “We Got Married”

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