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Tiger JK Believes Meeting His Wife Yoon Mirae Was Destiny

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Musician Tiger JK shares about the many ways he believes meeting his wife Yoon Mirae was destiny. On the March 19 broadcast of KBS2 talk show “Happy Together,” Tiger JK, actresses Shim Hye Jin and Kim Sung Eun, singer Byul, and chef Raymond Kim appear as guests. Tiger JK says, “When I was little, whenever I drew or dreamed, I saw Yoon Mirae. She was my ideal type, and I knew as soon as I saw her.” The rapper also shares that his father fatefully met Yoon Mirae before he did, “My father ran into Yoon Mirae at a resting area. And my father told her, ‘I think my son would like you’ and later told me, ‘I found a cute girl that I think you would like.’” happy together “I had forgotten about what my father said, and then much later, I coincidentally met Yoon Mirae. We only realized [that Yoon Mirae and I were the subject of] my father’s story after we started dating,” says Tiger JK.

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