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Recording of Polaris CEO's Conversation with Clara Released: "I'll Ruin You"

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With Clara and Polaris Entertainment’s first court date coming up on April 8, Korean media outlet Channel A released an exclusive recording containing Polaris CEO Lee Gyu Tae’s voice, in which the CEO tells Clara that he will take the money he would have used for her and use it to “ruin” her. The recording was released on March 17.

Lee Gyu Tae says, “After the final decision was made to no longer work with me, I ended it in a day. I blocked appearances on CJ, Loen, everywhere. [He/She] didn’t do so well after that. That’s what I’m talking about. If I just put my mind to it.” According to the report by My Daily, the CEO was referring to a previous celebrity who had contract disputes with Polaris.

The recording continues, “What will you gain from making me angry? What I’m saying is that I’ll take the money I would’ve used for you and use it to ruin you. […] You just don’t know. You don’t know who I am. You can take action, with KakaoTalk messages, with other phones, but I am someone who has eyes everywhere.”

Regarding the release of the recording, Clara’s camp has expressed their alarm, saying that they were not the ones to release the recording. “We don’t wish to make the situation any bigger, and we aren’t planning on filing a separate lawsuit.”

Granted, the recording is just a piece of the conversation, and its relevance to the situation in question still has to be determined.

In a phone call with Newsen, a Polaris rep said, “We already turned over the evidence to the prosecution. We don’t believe this will have any effect on the situation, and we’ll see where the investigation goes.”

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