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Tiger JK Clarifies That MFBTY's New Album Will Be K-Pop and Not Hip-Hop

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A year and six months after their last collaboration song, hip-hop group MFBTY is finally making their comeback with a brand new album. The group composing of hip-hop legends Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae and Bizzy, have been dropping teasers on their collaborations with different artists such as BTS's Rap Monster and BEAST's Yong Jun Hyung among others. Tiger JK clarifies that this album is not a hip-hop album by saying, "A lot of people are anticipating that this album will be a hip-hop one, but this album is actually a reinterpretation of K-Pop." He further adds, "It was only supposed to be a single but it became a full album. We stayed up all night for two months to dramatically master the finishing touches and the product of that is this album." MFBTY's new album "Wondaland" consists of 16 new songs including "Hello Happy", "Let it Go", "Shy Shy", "Rebel Music+Hollywho", "Fart Dance, "YaYaYa", "Love and Peace", "In Wet Snow" "Bang Diggy Bang Bang" and more. The album will officially be released on March 19.

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