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Kim Sa Eun Says She and Her Husband Sungmin Are "One Body"

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Sungmin's wife Kim Sa Eun guested on "Hello Counselor" and answered a private question. On the March 9 episode of KBS2's "Hello Counselor," actress Byun Jung Soo, Teen Top's Niel, Kim Sa Eun, and boy group Boyfriend guested. On this episode, a story of a wife whose husband ignores her to play foot volleyball for five hours a day was shared. After hearing the woman's story, Kim Sa Eun empathized with her saying, "Even when there was an expression of love, it's heart breaking that you cried. I hope he does more genuine skinships with you more often." Hearing this, MC Lee Young Ja asked her, "Do you do skinship often with Sungmin?" and Kim Sa Eun answered, "We are already one body."kim sa eun Lee Young Ja then asked her, "Is he good at skinship?" and MC Shin Dong Yup cut in, saying, "Idols are good at everything!" and incited laughter. kim sa eun 2

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