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"Get It Beauty" Tips: Beauty for Under $10

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It can be hard to find high quality cosmetics that are effective, yet cheap. Some of the highest praises come from the $100+ brands, but not everyone is able to afford that luxury. So this episode of “Get It Beauty” brings a bunch of ideas to the table that won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Host Tips

jungmintip_getitbeautyJung Min: In her $10 challenge, Kim Jung Min was set on finding one thing: a bronze color eyeliner pencil. Though it was difficult to find one that wasn’t $12, she finally got her hands on one for $6. She wanted to show off her tricks for accenting her eye fat and collarbones. Sometimes highlighting your eye fat with a bright color simply doesn’t suit you, but using a bronze color gives a natural accent to eye fat. And since spring is just around the corner, you’ll probably be starting to show off a little more skin! Well, you can take that same color, draw light diagonal lines on your collar bones, and then blend to bring them out! soyoutip_getitbeautySoyou: With her $10, Soyou used $8.80 of it to get Kohlrabi. Kohlrabi is somewhat like a cross between a cabbage and a radish, and tastes fairly sweet. It is very low in calories, so Soyou explains how she likes to cut it up into cubes and eat it to satisfy any late-night munchies or even for breakfast! minyoungtip_getitbeautyMin Young: Hwang Min Young gets creative with spending $6.50 on sheet masks and petroleum jelly! When you put a sheet mask on, rub jelly over the top of the sheet mask to prevent the serum from evaporating in spots you really need it. You can also cut up the sheet masks and put them in a zipper bag to store away. When you find a dry spot on your face, just pull one out and put it on for a few minutes before applying makeup so it doesn’t clump! hanuitip_getitbeautyHa Nui: Being the health nut that she is, Lee Ha Nui spent $9.35 on inexpensive foods. Going one step further, she shows off her own recipe for a moisturizing and exfoliating mask:
  1. Cut a banana up into chunks and put in a bowl
  2. Add 1 tbsp of lemon juice (preferably freshly squeezed)
  3. Add 1 tbsp of milk
  4. Add 1 tbsp of honey
  5. Add ¼ cup of flour
  6. Mix!

Better Girls’ Tips

bettergirltipnails_getitbeauty One Better Girl showed off her professional-looking nails done on her own with supplies for less than $9! All that is there is nail polish, a base and top coat, nail tape, and deco stones. Though deco stones tend to be on the more expensive side, she searched the internet for ones that were cheap. bettergirltipsaline_getitbeauty Another Better Girl found that using saline solution was a great way to keep her skin clean and manage redness. Saline has natural germ-killing and cooling properties that are good for sensitive skin. In fact, the five bottles shown here were only $1.50 for the five! The rest of the $4 is the cotton pads used to apply it. bettergirltipfood_getitbeauty The final Better Girl chosen to share shows off the food that helped her lose weight! It is fairly well know that chicken breasts are great for dieting, but the smell can make it get old after a while. Well, this Better Girl saw a recipe for chicken breast and tofu stuffed inside fried tofu skin! The taste of the fried tofu skin helps mask the smell of the chicken breast, and allows all the delicious flavors to come through! She also added various vegetables and black sesame seeds to add to the flavor.

Talking Mirror

min_getitbeautymiss A’s Min joins the Talking Mirror on this episode’s segment! Upon having it pointed out how she looks bare-skinned and healthy, Min talks about being positive in the mirror. She had read that being positive to yourself in the mirror triggers positive reactions in your brain. mincrease_getitbeauty In terms of her daily makeup, she likes to focus on her eyes with subtle makeup. Because her eyelid crease is nearly non-existent, she draws hers in right over where the crease should be. However, to make it look more natural, she adds a brown eyeshadow just over the top of the newly drawn crease. mineyeliner_getitbeauty For her eyeliner, Min likes to mix black and brown eyeliners to soften up the black color. Then, she emphasizes the middle of her eye and adds a soft wing.

Blind Test

blindtest_getitbeauty This week’s blind test looked at the best hand creams with SPF for under $10! The last time “Get It Beauty” had a winner was Kamill back in March of 2012. In fact, since that time the company added coenzyme Q10 which increased the moisturizing effects! The criteria that the Better Girls have judged on is how smooth the application is, how sticky it is, and how long the moisture is expected to last. And as it turns out, Kamill keeps its first place position due to its moisturizing and antiaging properties! The final line up is:
  1. Kamill (SPF 5 PA++)
  2. Skin Food (SPF 25 PA++)
  3. Mamonde (SPF 17 PA++)
  4. The Face Shop (SPF 20; PA++)
[tv]Check out the full episode of Get It Beauty on SoompiTV![/tv] For all “Get It Beauty” tips, click here.

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