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"Unpretty Rapstar" Jessi Says Yuk Ji Dam Could Be the Next Yoon Mirae

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Lucky J’s Jessi commended Yuk Ji Dam’s rapping skills on the latest episode of “Unpretty Rapstar.” During the episode, Yuk Ji Dam was notified last minute that she would not be able to participate in the team mission because the venue where the mission would take place had a minimum age rule, and she is underage. Despite the letdown, Block B's Zico, the judge and producer for the week, let her come back on for the solo battle even though her team lost and was eliminated in the preceding challenge. Despite strong performances from Kisum and AOA’s Jimin, Yuk Ji Dam impressed not only the judges but also the other contestants with her rhymes, which included clever wordplay with Cheetah, Jessi, Jolly V, and AOA’s names. Jessi praised Yuk Ji Dam, “To be honest, Yuk Ji Dam has the most potential [of the contestants]. After me of course. She’s still an amateur, but wait ten years… I think she could be the next Yoon Mi Rae.” After winning first place and the opportunity to record with Zico, Yuk Ji Dam couldn’t hold back the tears, “I always lived like I was being judged whenever I was on stage. I was nervous and worried today too when I was rapping, but regardless [I’m glad] I didn’t mess up [the lyrics].” yuk ji dam Check out Yuk Ji Dam in the studio with Zico below:

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