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Singer Bobby Kim Investigated by Police for Causing Commotion on Airplane by Harassing a Flight Attendant

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Daily Sports reported that singer Bobby Kim was investigated by FBI for causing a commotion on an airplane and sexually harassing a flight attendant January 7 at 4:40 p.m. KST, Bobby Kim got on the plane departing to San Francisco. According to a spokesperson, Bobby Kim was not satisfied with his seating from the moment he got on the plane. He wanted to upgrade his Economy Class seating to Business Class, but it did not work out. After about five hours of drinking alcohol that was served to him, he started yelling and cursing, causing mayhem and disturbing passengers on board. Moreover, he inappropriately touched a female flight attendant several times. It was reported that he hugged her waist and sexually humiliated her. When the incident was reported, Bobby Kim’s agency stated, “Because of ticketing mistakes, [Bobby Kim] was upset during the flight. He kept on asking for seat changes because there was a Business Class seating available but they didn't let the change happen. He couldn't control his emotions after drinking wine that was served. [We] are very sorry.” They also added, “Despite there being reasons for his actions, we apologize to all passengers that were on board during the commotion.” About the harassment, the agency stated, “[We] want to meet the flight attendant and apologize. In all sincerity [we] want to kneel down and ask for forgiveness.” Through an interview, Korean Air talked about the incident by saying, “There indeed was a mistake regarding ticketing. [Bobby Kim] wanted to upgrade his seat to Business Class using mileage points, but an employee made a mistake and gave a ticket for Economy Class. However, Bobby Kim got on the plane knowing this beforehand, and once you’re inside the plane, seat changes are not possible according to the rules. If there was any problem, [he] should have solved it on land.” They also added, “We still didn't get detailed reports about the happening. The report was given to policemen [in America] and investigated there, so we are waiting for the investigation result from them.” Meanwhile, Bobby Kim is to be removed from all shows he is active in, including JTBC’s “Off to School.” Source (1)(2)

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