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"Spy" Kim Jaejoong Will Donate Household Appliances to North Korean Defectors If Ratings Surpass Ten Percent

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On January 6, Kim Jaejoong attended a press conference for new KBS2 drama “Spy,” which was held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Gangnam. When asked whether he will make any ratings promises, Kim Jaejoong replied, “If viewership ratings in the Seoul capital area surpasses 10 percent, I will gift household appliances to thirty North Korean defectors.” In “Spy,” Kim Jaejoong will play Kim Sun Woo, a child genius and ace of the National Intelligence Service, who is very cold and principled but also has a warmer and tenderer side. Kim Jaejoong expressed his desire to make sure that this two-sidedness of Kim Sun Woo does not look forced or unnatural. Meanwhile, “Spy” is a secret intelligence family thriller that is loosely based on popular Israeli drama “Gordin Cell” (also known as “MICE”). The drama follows the story of Kim Sun Woo after he discovers the secret past of his ex-spy mother (Bae Jong Ok) who risked her life in a gamble to save his. Every week, two new episodes of “Spy” will air back-to-back on Friday from 9:30 p.m. to 11:10 p.m (KST). The first episode of “Spy” will air on January 9.

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