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B.A.P’s Daehyun Updates IG Thanking Fans and Assuring That the Members Are Well


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B.A.P’s Daehyun recently updated his social media account with a brief message for fans, making him the first member to use a social media platform to speak up for the very first time since news of the group’s lawsuit broke out at the end of last month. On December 26, Daehyun wrote a short but meaningful message to fans of B.A.P through his personal Instagram account, which reads, “Each one of us six members miss all of you. Thank you.” It seems that Daehyun is standing in as the representative member to relay the entire group’s message to all of the fans, as he also included hashtags of his other five fellow group members’ Instagram IDs, “#bangstergram #strong_chan #yjayo #m_jup #byzelo.” Attached with this post, Daehyun also uploaded a photo of himself alongside members Youngjae and Jongup, assuring fans that they are still doing well in the midst of the lawsuit against their agency, TS Entertainment. Following Daehyun's post, Youngjae and Jongup also retweeted the photo on their Twitter accounts, expressing, "We will keep our promise. Finish up the rest of the year well and I love you," and "Thank you," respectively.

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