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Hwang Jung Min Compliments Kim Woo Bin on His Manners


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Veteran actor Hwang Jung Min shared that he was surprised when Kim Woo Bin sought him out to say hello. The two actors both have movies premiering in December and were being interviewed about their movies at the same location. When Kim Woo Bin heard that his acting senior Hwang Jung Min was nearby, he searched him out to share a greeting. Hwang Jung Min shared, “Kim Woo Bin was being interviewed nearby and he unexpectedly came to where I was being interviewed to say hello. As he is very popular these days, his visit was an honor and I liked it very much. He is courteous and has good manners.” Hwang Jung Min stars in the film “Ode to My Father,” which opened on December 17. TVXQ’s Yunho is also in the film. Kim Woo Bin stars in the film “The Technicians,” which opens on December 24. During Kim Woo Bin’s press conference, he was asked how he felt about his film competing against Hwang Jung Min’s film. He shared, “Competing with Hwang Jung Min and other veteran actors is an honor.” Hwang Jung Min showed a little jealousy as he shared that Kang Ha Neul, who is in the same agency as him, did not go to see “Ode to My Father” but instead attended the VIP premiere of “The Technicians.” Kang Ha Neul, who had a busy schedule with his drama “Misaeng,” showed his loyalty to friend and colleague Kim Woo Bin, who he acted with on the drama “The Heirs” and the upcoming film “Twenty.” Kang Ha Neul shared, “After Kim Woo Bin met Hwang Jung Min, he asked me why I didn’t go to the premiere of ‘Ode to My Father.’”

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