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What Caused A Pink’s Chorong to Shed Tears at a Fan Signing Event?


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A Pink’s leader, Chorong, has been earning attention after a fancam (fan-taken video) of her crying at a recent fan signing event became a hot topic on online communities. The video is said to be taken by a fan at A Pink’s December 13 fan signing. In the fancam, Chorong can be seen shedding tears after one of the fans prepared a touching surprise for her. As most of these kinds of fan signing events go, Chorong was having a conversation with a female fan who had an injured leg, and also received a small gift from her as well. However, the fan then took out a sketchbook and began flipping the pages, reading a heartfelt message for Chorong, causing the A Pink member to be unable to hold back her tears. The message of encouragement that moved Chorong to tears, read: “To the leader with a lot of tears, a lot of affection, and a lot of laughter! At times, you may get stressed and it may be hard because you have so many worries due to the responsibility of being a leader…But I will always, forever stay behind you as your reliable unnie fan, so let’s continue like this…..together! Thank you. It is said that that full message included even more words of understanding for the many hardships as the leader of a group. Check out the video below: chorong

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