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Kim Chang Wan Hand-Writes a Touching Letter for the "Misaengs" of the World


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Singer-actor Kim Chang Wan has sent a very moving letter to a listener, who told him about his struggles at work. The letter particularly drew attention in light of the currently-airing, critically-acclaimed drama "Misaeng," which also handles the subject of employees' struggles in the workplace. As the DJ of SBS Power FM's "Beautiful Morning with Kim Chang Wan," Kim Chang Wan wrote the letter on December 4, through which he offers warm consolation to those in the world who are imperfect. In the letter, Kim Chang Wan urges the listener not to chase after perfection too much in the workplace, and to relax a little bit. Kim Chang Wan wrote, "Hello, this is Kim Chang Wan. When I heard that you lost weight to the point your bones are showing through, I felt for you. But I think it might be because you're being too sensitive. Although you're a perfectionist, things in the world don't always fall into line like you want them to. Try to relax a bit. Now I'll draw some circles as the space allows." Kim Chang Wan then drew a series of circles. He then continued, "I drew 47 circles. Of these, you could only consider the two that I marked with a v to be perfectly circular. Work is the same thing. Of 47 days, only two will be perfectly circular. Don't try too hard to make every day perfect. Just because the circles aren't quite perfect, would anyone ever call those squares or triangles? They're all just imperfect circles. That goes for our everyday life, too." This letter from Kim Chang Wan was revealed through Producer Nam Joong Kwon's SNS on December 11.

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