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Woman Crush Wednesday: December's Mystery Reveal


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This month's Woman Crush Wednesday, Mystery Reveal version, came to a somewhat disappointing six nominations compared to last month's eight. Kim Mi Young from "Fated to Love You" was our very first mystery woman and I couldn't help but wonder who would be next on the list. I suppose the positive aspect to having nominations in the single digits is that each nominee has a higher chance of getting selected, but I'm still hoping that our women can get as much love as our men for January. The selection process hasn't changed since Man Crush Monday's Mystery Reveal for December and I'm sure you'd rather not have the image in your head of a random person shaking a tin can like a maniac again, so I'll spare you the details. For this month's mystery, the nominations were taken from November's Mystery Reveal, Nam Da Jung from "Prime Minister and I," Seol from "The Moon that Embraces the Sun," and Kim Yoon Hee from "Love Rain." So, with that being said, let's get down to business! WCW_MysteryReveal_Nominations After shaking it off to Taylor Swift, it turns out that our December's Mystery Woman is... WCW_MysteryReveal_Revealed ... Cheon Song Yi in "My Love From the Stars!" Well, looking at all the nominees, I wasn't surprised. Were you? Ha ha! To be honest, Cheon Song Yi is one of those rare characters where you absolutely hate the traits that she possesses, but somehow, when you least expected it, you fell for her anyway. You are left completely uncertain of the how's and the why's, but the only thing you know for a fact is that you're a total goner when you see her. I guess that must have been how Do Min Joon felt about her too. Still, it didn't make writing about this particular crush any easier because I really had to dig deep beyond her arrogance, narcissism, and witchy attitude to find the great traits that I knew she had. ... Somewhere. But since I put in so much effort in dissecting the enigma named Cheon Song Yi, let's take a look at what I discovered, shall we? (Spoilers ahead!)

1. She has a backbone.

WCW_MysteryReveal_Backbone Not just any backbone, but a fully formed one! She doesn't let anyone - anyone - walk all over her. Cheon Song Yi knows how to stick up for herself and does a darn good job of it. Her mother, her manager, the media that constantly tries to bring her down, her best friend turned enemy, and even Do Min Joon are no exceptions. If they give her sass, she flawlessly returns it at the speed of light. She's headstrong and independent, always staying one step ahead of the game. For the most part, she never plays the damsel in distress, in dire need of rescuing - she can save herself all on her own! (But when things really get out of hand... it's always good to have an alien on call to do your bidding... Hehe.) But even in the rare moments when Cheon Song Yi falters, she never betrays that fact. She remains strong until the very end, breaking down in private only to pick herself back up.

2. She's a hysterical drunk.

WCW_MysteryReveal_Drunk I think I laughed the hardest when I witnessed the type of woman Cheon Song Yi becomes when she's drunk and heartbroken. When she's sober, you would never believe that she could act that way, so it's not only amusing, but downright surprising as well. She may be the worst kind of superficial woman, but there's no denying that she's an average, everyday, girl-next-door kind of woman when she's not caught up in her own world. When Cheon Song Yi is willing to move away from the kind of behavior that makes people roll their eyes in exasperation, she's actually quite lovely. Even if we experienced second hand embarrassment for the way she was mourning over her relationship with Do Min Joon, it made her seem a bit more approachable, to say the least. I'd still like to know how Do Min Joon could keep that deadpanned expression on his face after watching, and quite possibly hearing, all her drunk shenanigans. Ha!

3. Cheon Song Yi's not entirely empty in the head.

WCW_MysteryReveal_Empty I admit it. I mumbled a few complaints here and there when Cheon Song Yi showed that there might have been a few air bubbles in her noggin. From her flub with mocha and mokhwa (cotton) to her mix-up between propofol and propolis, I was truly left wondering how she made it as an actress for as long as she had with her intellect. However, there were times when Cheon Song Yi impressed me by proving she's not as much of an airhead as she makes herself out to be. One of the prime examples of that is when she pretended to take a phone call and told her "caller" her exact location while she slowly moves out of Do Min Joon's library after spotting an intruder hiding behind a chair through the reflection on a glass pane. This was quickly followed by a second bout of intelligence when she told her brother, Yoon Jae, not to open the door for the maintenance/security man without first verifying his identity for fear that it could be the same intruder impersonating him. I gained a lot of respect for Cheon Song Yi for not being a completely clueless woman, especially in that kind of a situation.

4. She has hidden vulnerabilities.

WCW_MysteryReveal_Vulnerability Cheon Song Yi reveals her soft heart and self conscious doubts in rare displays of vulnerability, which makes her a more rounded and well balanced woman. While it's wonderful that she has such a strong, solid backbone, it's nice to have that gentle softness to cushion the sharp edges. I like that she's capable of being firm and showing that she has a high level of self confidence, but she's not immune to humanity and everything that comes with it. If an alien like Do Min Joon can get caught up in human emotions, then Cheon Song Yi most certainly can as well. It makes us more capable of relating to her and the negative attributes that she has doesn't seem quite so bad anymore since they appear more as defense mechanisms than actual personality traits. She's the perfect balance of fire and ice that it's amazing.

5. Cheon Song Yi is a hard worker.

WCW_MysteryReveal_Hardworker I never had any doubt about this since it was Cheon Song Yi's hard work and dedication that allowed her to go from being an unknown to becoming a top Hallyu star, then remaining at the top for as long as she had. Even when she experienced a drastic downfall and lost faith in herself for a moment, she still managed to bring herself back to the top with that same confidence and dedication as before. Even when she was getting pushed around, she was strong and held her head high, knowing that she hadn't slaved away to perfect her skills for nothing. I think Cheon Song Yi is a great role model in that aspect. To accomplish dreams and goals, we must work hard at excelling in what it is we wish to do, just like Cheon Song Yi. In the end, it turns out that I had a lot to gush about regarding Cheon Song Yi, doesn't it? Once I got past her tough exterior, she had quite a bit of fluff for me to play with. What did you think about Cheon Song Yi as our December's mystery woman? Does she rank high or low on the scale? What parts of Cheon Song Yi were your favorites? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and please nominate your crush worthy women for January's mystery reveal! Until next time, my fellow Soompiers! [tv]See fire and ice, Cheon Song Yi, in action in My Love From the Stars on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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