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B.A.P Allegedly Not the Only Group with Issues Regarding Payment from TS Entertainment

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In the midst of B.A.P’s lawsuit against TS Entertainment and the agency’s subsequent denial of the existence of any “slave contracts,” a report has been released in which a broadcast representative states that B.A.P is not the only TS artist having issues with the agency and profit distribution. “Aside from B.A.P, group ‘A’ from TS Entertainment has raised the agency’s profits through many events and albums, but as far as I know, that group has yet to receive much in terms of profits, as well,” said the broadcast representative to Oh My News. According to the representative, the group has done a considerable amount of events and promotions, but the members only receive about 700,000 won (approx. 630 USD) a month. “Group ‘B,’ which has gained a significant amount of popularity, also had similar issues, and when the issues were brought up for discussion, they members were temporarily appeased with gifts.” In response, a source from TS Entertainment's public relations department stated to Oh My News that group 'A' did not participate in many events, and that there is no issue with profit distribution. The source stated, "We may on occasion give individual gifts, but that has nothing to do with profit distribution." Meanwhile, following TS Entertainment's initial responses to B.A.P's lawsuit (see below), no official statements have been made. Source (1) (2) See also: [Updated w/ Official Statement] All 6 B.A.P Members Allegedly File Lawsuit Against TS Entertainment TS Entertainment Reveals It Has Yet to Receive Formal Complaint Regarding B.A.P’s Lawsuit Daehyun’s Former Vocal Trainer Speaks Out in B.A.P’s Defense in Midst of Lawsuit Reports

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