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Highlights: "Liar Game," Episode 11


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I’m starting to wonder if “Liar Game” isn’t making a serious effort to ensure that I have nightmares for the rest of my life. Episode 11 continues digging into the nature of Woo Jin and Do Young’s shared past, and although we don’t find much out, what we do see is not pretty. This episode was pretty clearly a set-up for our final episode. In spite of that, it’s still a lot of fun to watch, as the stakes keep on being raised and the extent of Do Young’s tangled web starts to be revealed. I honestly have no idea how everything will end, but I can’t wait to find out. These were my five favorite scenes from “Liar Game” episode 11:

1. Da Jung’s conversation with Lee PD

Lee PD has stood out since the beginning as the only person on the “Liar Game” crew with a conscience. Yes, she wants to make a good, popular reality show, but she’s also made it clear that she cares about fairness and the welfare of the contestants. She even found Da Jung’s father with the best of intentions—she just wanted him to call Da Jung and tell her he was all right. But now the footage of Dad confessing that he nearly attempted suicide has aired on national TV and Dad’s nowhere to be found. None of this is Lee PD’s fault, but Da Jung doesn’t know that. Even though the audience knows that Lee PD’s apology to Da Jung about what’s happened is completely sincere, Da Jung doesn’t trust her—and with good reason. It still made me sad, though. I really like Lee PD, and I hope that she gets a happy ending. liar game 11 cha soo yun finalliar game 11 kim so eun final

2. The poker dealer

The poker game itself was fun, but my favorite detail was the dealer, who was wearing the same gold mask that Kang Do Young once had, and whose voice came out through an electronic distorter. I have no idea why that was done, but it was somehow both funny and disturbing. liar game 11 poker:dealer final

3. Creepiest hostage ever

This entire scene, in which Woo Jin goes to where he thinks Da Jung’s captured father is being kept, only to walk into a psychological trap set by Do Young, made my skin crawl. From the “hostage,” which looked like a “Simpsons” character in life-size doll form, to the flickers of Woo Jin’s repressed memories that started to come alive, I was genuinely scared. Now, I don’t know which is stronger: my desire to find out what happened to the three children around the well, or my fear that the answer will keep me up at night! liar game 11 creepy doll finalliar game 11 lee sang yoon and children final

4. Jamie is eliminated

Jamie is such a great character. I started out disliking her, because she was just so obviously bad. She was the stereotypical reality contestant who “didn’t come here to make friends.” But she’s developed really wonderfully—thanks in large part to Lee El’s performance, which is a perfectly calibrated mixture of humor and fierce intelligence—and she met her elimination from “Liar Game” with poise and dignity. Her parting command for Woo Jin and Da Jung to destroy Do Young was simply marvelous. liar game 11 lee el final

5. Woo Jin’s gun is loaded with live ammo

I actually yelled “WHAT?!” at this reveal. As if the final round showdown between Do Young, Da Jung, and Woo Jin wasn’t already dramatic enough, Woo Jin has one bullet that is actually real. Which means that someone just might die in the final episode. While I hope that Woo Jin isn’t the one to pull the trigger (because murder is wrong, even if it’s Kang Do Young), I do enjoy how fearless he is. Yes, he’s a brainy genius—but he’s always ready to take action when necessary. liar game 11 gun finalliar game 11 lee sang yoon final What did you think about this episode of “Liar Game”? What are your predictions for the finale? Let us know in the comments below! [tv] Catch up with Liar Game on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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