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Man Crush Monday: Fated to Love You's Lee Gun

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Mature. Carefree. Adorable. Handsome. Geeky. Sexy. We all have different responses and respected qualities when asked, "What is your type?" or "What do you look for in a man?" Welcome to the first edition of Man Crush Monday where, every week, a very special man will be featured for his endearing qualities that have sent girls' hearts a-flutter everywhere around the world. This week, this man is none other than Lee Gun from "Fated to Love You." At first glance, he is the eccentric, over dramatic, and boisterous CEO of Jang In Chemicals, and most likely not everyone's cup of tea. Fortunately, his strong essence is one that steadily grows on you and, before you know it, he has settled into the deepest crevice of your heart where his every intense look, every confident smile, and every grand gesture will make your heart go dugeun, dugeun. Here are five reasons why Lee Gun is Man Crush Monday worthy (spoilers ahead!):

1. Lee Gun knows how to protect women.

"It's me, Gunnie. Does it hurt? Please spread the rumor that I tried my best to win Miss Kim Mi Young's heart but she never accepted me." At that time, Kim Mi Young was someone he had only met twice, someone who had been almost a complete stranger to him. Still, he swept into her life like a hurricane and became the hero with a genuine heart. For most, this kind of heroic rescue would have been a one-time event, especially for a man involved in a six year relationship, but for Lee Gun, this was already his second save. It came with no expectations of obtaining anything in return and when his past relationship fell apart as he fell for Kim Mi Young more with each passing day, Lee Gun made sure to continuing protecting her. Forever. He also said:
  • "When I say that I won't sell the factory, I mean it. That island is my wife's hometown. My decision will never change as long as I live."
  • "Kim Mi Young, a rough diamond like you shouldn't be hanging out in this rubble."


2. Lee Gun knows how to instill lost confidence back in women.

"It's not good to be too kind. Be more confident and less timid. Remember, you are the strong glue." When Kim Mi Young had been nothing but a stranger to him, he still helped her regain her lost self-confidence. Even though he found himself caught in an awkward situation with her while having absolutely no recollection of what had happened, Lee Gun never hesitated to step in and glue the pieces of her back together. It began that night in Macao where he proclaimed her the "Goddess of Fortune," but it continued for much longer than just one night. For every moment in which Kim Mi Young had doubted herself, Lee Gun had tirelessly chased her fears away, never allowing her to feel a moment of low self-esteem. He also said:
  • "You aren't a Post-It girl anymore. Don't hide behind me. Walk beside me with confidence."
  • "Nothing in this world is impossible."
  • "Be confident. You're the queen from now on."
Lee Gun Gives Confidence

3. Simply put, Lee Gun cares.

"Wait. Dry yourself with the towel quickly. It's cold. Come here, you might catch a cold. You must be cold." He cared so much for Kim Mi Young, whether or not he had realized it at that point, that for the very first time, he hung up on Se Ra, the woman he was in a relationship with for six years. He cared for her enough to take time off from work to attend prenatal classes with her, to sing karaoke with his mother-on-law, to spend time with her sister and brother-in-law, and to even read books to their fetus, Gae Ddong. He cared enough to pretend being a woman just to have the ability to encourage Kim Mi Young and offer his support during her difficult times. He cared to the point where his will even included the requirement of celebrating her birthday each year to the fullest. He also said:
  • "If you have something to say, I hope you call her and say it to her face."
  • "What... what's wrong? Did something happen or did someone harass you?"
  • "I wasn't avoiding you because I hated you. I felt sorry toward you until I was ready. I mean, ready to come back to you. Thank you for waiting for me... and for being with me now."

Lee Gun Cares

4. Lee Gun is the epitome of adorable and goofball. 

"What's happening to me?" He melted hearts and caused tender smiles simply by being lovestruck! When he fell in love, everyone knew it because he couldn't keep his thoughts, his eyes, and even his hands off of Kim Mi Young. He made her his first priority and his goal was to ensure her happiness and well being by placing her above all else, even himself, in every circumstance. He also said:
  • "I'm a stone. I'm not a stone. I'm a stone. I'm not a stone."
  • "I have to stay cool! The monster is coming out! If I lose my mind, the monster will come out!"
  • "When the snail compliments me, my heart beats faster."


5. Lee Gun's love is so deep, so pure, and so wholesome. 

"When you're in pain or having a hard time, it hurts me too. And I... I have no right to love you." He had been willing to give up everything to keep the one he loved away from pain and suffering. While others might say he pulled an act of noble idiocy, it had fully been within his character to have pushed Kim Mi Young away when the first sign of his disease emerged. Just like how his father had with his mother. Like father, like son, after all. For Lee Gun, he was satisfied with seeing Kim Mi Young's success and assumed happiness from afar. He was willing to give up his company, his family, his home, and his everything in order to hide away and not cause her pain. Little did he know that Kim Mi Young's happiness was only Lee Gun. Well, good thing Kim Mi Young had been courageous enough to make him realize that, though it did take a certain amount of courage to step away from someone you love so intensely. He also said:
  • "What about me? What about my feelings? I only think of you more when you tell me not to be bothered by you. I'm uncomfortable when I can't see you. I smile when you smile and cry when you cry. What about these feelings? Don't you understand me?"
  • "If you want me to, I'll even pluck a star from the sky for you."
  • "The one in front of me right now, I'm fine with everything as long as I'm with her. I can't imagine loving anyone else but her. I think that's what fate is."
  • "I'll make a vow to the stars you love that I'll love you every day fatefully until the day all the stars are gone."

   Lee Gun Loves Staring at Kim Mi Young

Bonus Reason

Scaring Lee Gun would never get boring! So, what do you think? Is Lee Gun worthy of Man Crush Monday? Who is your crush? Let us know in the comments below! [tv]Thank you for supporting us by watching "Fated to Love You" on SoompiTV![/tv]

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