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Jo In Sung Shows Competitive Spirit in “1 Night, 2 Days” Appearance

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Actor Jo In Sung has revealed his steely determination and competitive spirit in the latest edition of long-running KBS2 variety show “1 Night, 2 Days.” During the program, which aired on October 5, the regular cast was asked to bring along their best friends, with actor-singer Cha Tae Hyun inviting Jo In Sung. Jo In Sung1 As part of the show, Jo In Sung took part in a game called “hand fencing.” The aim of this game was to smear the opponent’s face with dirt. The team which ended up with the least dirt on their faces would be declared the winner. Jo In Sung’s team had to square off against comedian Defconn’s team, and decided to try a sudden attack. He succeeded in getting singer Mino’s face very dirty indeed, but, despite all of his efforts, Defconn was unbeatable, and was finally declared the victor. Despite Jo In Sung’s unsuccessful attempts to win, his determination was considered outstanding by the other participants, and he was declared the moral victor on the basis of his resolve.

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