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TaeTiSeo Reminisces First Meeting with Kang Dong Won, Says It Wasn't What They Expected


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After Taeyeon took a photo with her long time ideal man, Kang Dong Won when TaeTiSeo made a cameo in the actor's film "My Brilliant Life," she was deemed as a "successful fan" not only by her co-TaeTiSeo and Girls' Generation members Seohyun and Tiffany who are fans of the actor themselves but by everyone who are smitten with the baby-faced actor. While it might be the happiest moment in their fangirl life so far, the three ladies revealed that their first meeting with the actor didn't live up to their expectations. On the September 27 episode of KBS2's "Entertainment Weekly," Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun of the Girls' Generation sub-unit TaeTiSeo appeared in the Guerilla Date portion of the show. The three ladies had a chance to meet Kang Dong Won during the filming of "My Brilliant Life" where they had a cameo. When asked about their first meeting with their dream actor, TaeTiSeo recalled their memorable moment with Kang Dong Won. "We have been fans (of Kang Dong Won) for a long time. We really anticipated (our first meeting with him.) We looked forward to what Kang Dong Won would say (to us), but he didn't have any reaction. We heard it was because he was so shy (that's why he didn't say anything)," said TaeTiSeo with a little bit of disappointment. Taeyeon also mentioned being surprised at Seohyun who also considered herself a fan of Kang Dong Won. "Seohyun never mentioned that she was a fan of Kang Dong Won at least once since we made our debut and suddenly, she said that she's a fan," said Taeyeon. To this, the youngest of TaeTiSeo replied, "He's good-looking. I said "He seems so good-looking,' and unnie's eyes (went big and looked weirdly at me)," said Seohyun. Meanwhile, TaeTiSeo is currently having active promotions for their latest track, "Holler." TaeTiSeo

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