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"Secret Door" Releases Stills of Lee Je Hoon Training for His Role


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Lee Je Hoon of SBS's Monday-Tuesday drama "Secret Door" gives of the vibe of being a prince. On September 21, "Secret Door" released photos of Lee Je Hoon's training grounds, as he is in the middle of training with a bow-and-arrow, showing that his character combines literary study with martial arts study. In the pictures, Lee Je Hoon's beautiful appearance that radiates of royal family's grace is apparent, and he displayed his high level of concentration while doing his bow-and-arrow demonstration, adding to it with his unwavering, sharp eyes. Lee Je Hoon plays the role of Sado, and before gaining that nickname, is Lee Sun, the perfect son of Young Jo in the royal court mystery. In history, Crown Prince Sado is painted as a madman, but is revived as the human Lee Sun in "Secret Door." It is said that Lee Je Hoon thoroughly researched the script and characters and studied horse-riding, sword arts, bow-and-arrow shooting, and other martial arts so materialize the characters that existed in history faithfully. "Secret Door" is a drama about Young Jo, aiming to have strong authority and Lee Sun, who advocates for an impartial world with no regards to status. "Secret Door" aims to find the truth and hope amidst the conflict of Lee Sun as it re-interprets the royal court mystery of the murder case, which was the most gruesome in the 500-year reign of the Joseon Dynasty. The first episode airs September 22 at 10 p.m. leejehoonsecretdoor Source: (1)

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