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SHINee’s Jonghyun Apologizes for His Behavior on “Infinity Challenge”


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On September 14, SHINee’s Jonghyun posted his an apology on his personal Twitter account. He stated, “I received many warnings after the broadcast of ‘Infinity Challenge.’ I am very close with Haha hyung, and I just got very happy and excited to work with him. As a result I made many viewers uncomfortable with watching the show. I apologize to all of the ‘Infinity Challenge’ fans as well as the ‘Blue Night’ family. I will apologize to Haha hyung as well.” He continued, “Please keep tuning in to the radio DJ special of the show that continues next week. I learned a lot from this broadcast.” Meanwhile, Jonghyun appeared on the most recent episode of “Infinity Challenge,” which had aired this past September 13. For the radio DJ special, each member had to be a guest DJ on a radio show. Jonghyun met up with member Haha for the meeting for his radio show, “Blue Night.” But he received many criticisms for his way of speaking and his behavior on the show, resulting in his public apology. Did anyone watch this episode of the show? What do you guys think? Source: (1) Update: Haha Defends Jonghyun's Behavior on "Infinite Challenge": "We Were Simply Trying to Entertain"

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