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Quiz: Which f(x) Song Should You Listen to?

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It's hard being an f(x) fan these days (your fandom doesn't even have an official name), particular in light of the news that "Red Light" promotions have been cancelled and Sulli is on an indefinite break. K-Pop fans hardly had a chance to get used the unusual style of "Red Light" before f(x) had already pulled their last music show performance with only four members.

While the future of the group may seem unclear and rather hopeless, Noona is here to remind you not to jump into conclusions and try to remain optimistic. Meanwhile, why don't you listen to some of f(x)'s most popular songs while you stew in righteous fandom fury? Not quite sure where to start? Take this quiz to find out which f(x) song you should listen to! 

Want to know what the other results were? Go through the pages below to see all the outcomes. 

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CallMeN00NA is a Soompi editor who had to listen to all these songs numerous times in order to put together this quiz. She's always taking new ideas for quizzes, so hit her up on her Twitter or Ask. If you want to see what she's eating, she has a Soompi Instagram she somehow turned into a foodstagram. 

You should listen to “Red Light.” This song is one of f(x)'s more mature and socially conscious songs. The jarring and uneven structure of the song may take some getting used to, but within a couple of plays you'll be hooked. 


You should listen to “Hot Summer.” You are playful and just want to have a good time, so you should listen to a song that matches you. Pair this song with the hum of a fan (or air conditioner if you're fancy) and you have the perfect background music for a sweltering hot summer day. 


You should listen to “NU ABO.” Don't ask me to explain what "NU ABO" means, I'm not even sure if the members themselves truly know. Even if you don't understand the title you can still enjoy one of f(x)'s earliest songs and the interesting use of the English word "hysteric." 


You should listen to “Electric Shock.” Nanananana. After you're done listening to this song, you should check out their "Funny or Die" video with Anna Kendrick

You should listen to “La Cha Ta.” This was f(x)'s debut song and it set their image as a very stylish group. The dance choreography is also one of their more impressive ones. You go Luna


You should listen to “Pinocchio (Danger).”  This song is full of sass and confidence. Also, check out Luna's killer spiked outfit in the music video. 


You should listen to “Chu.” This has to be f(x)'s cutest song and one of their older songs as it was the second song they promoted after debuting. The song describes the curious feelings a girl might have about love. 


You should listen to “Rum Pum Pum Pum.” The song is one of f(x)'s more addictive and experimental tracks. The combination of the slick instrumental and their round chorus structure make its a pleasure to listen to. Plus, be totally envious of how Krystal rocks the pink hair.


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