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Top 8 Delicious Orange Caramel Outfits From "Catallena" Promotions

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While Orange Caramel's "Catallena" music video featured the members as pieces of sushi, the group had more wacky food concepts to display during their live promotions of the song.

The girls have performed the song live about 20 times since their comeback in March, giving them plenty of chances to display various foods.

Raina, Nana and Lizzy started out simple, wearing clothes and sushi accessories from the music video for their comeback stages. It started getting strange with mint, fish and egg decorations the following week. Finally, they started having plates with a whole meal attached, such as pizza, burger & fries and even ramyun.

Check out their delicious outfits and watch their performances in our gallery! 


(Click to watch performance) Inkigayo, March 23 - Eggs

Starting off the list is sunny side up eggs. Wearing plastic accessories of the breakfast food on their head, it also decorates their dresses.  


Music Core, April 12 - Fries

While their french fry hats stood tall, their yellowish outfits did not look as good. I did like the detail of having an orange slice as their logo on the fry box. 


Music Bank, March 28 - Pizza

Along with their pizza decorated dresses they also brought out the large and randomly placed bows, of which Orange Caramel is famous for wearing in the past.  


Music Bank, April 11 - Candy!

Looks like they had a lot of extra pieces to snack on before their performance.

Nana posted this funny video of them enjoying their candy on Instagram. Someone suddenly walks into the room.


M!Countdown, April 10 - Orange Juice!

It must have been difficult to do the choreography with those cups on their head. You can really see the juice splashing around as they were dancing.

It was probably a refreshing treat after their performance. Too bad only two members can drink at a time.


Inkigayo, April 6- Uncooked ramyun plate!



Inkigayo, April 13 - Assorted Convenience Store Foods

April 13 had a nice mix of food with featuring samgak-kimbap (triangle rice ball). Raina with ramyun, Lizzy had spam and Nana with Kimchi. Amazing job by their fashion coordinators in making sure the food wouldn't fall over during their the performance.


Music Bank, April 4 - Fast Food Meals

A step up from the fries earlier! While the trays of fast food were fake, I really liked their hamburger dresses for this stage.

Kim Dae Sung, who was also featured in the "Catallena" music video, joined as a special guest for this performance.

Other foods featured on their outfits were sushi, mints, and assorted pastries

Which one was your favorite outfit?

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