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Jonghyun's Gifts From International Fan Enjoyed By MBC Staff Instead

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On April 11, fans were shocked by a photo and message a MBC scriptwriter had shared on their Facebook with regards to how a fan’s thoughtfully prepared gifts were treated by the MBC staff. 

Along with a photo of the snacks that a Polish fan had sent to the MBC Broadcasting station, the MBC scriptwriter wrote, “There was a fan from Poland that sent many gifts for Jonghyun to MBC. That innocent fan probably thought addressing the package to “MBC’s address SHINee Jonghyun” would somehow get it into Jonghyun’s hands. Unfortunately the package was delivered to an MBC general manager of the same name, so the writers enjoyed the snacks instead of Jonghyun. To the unfortunate Poland fan girl who probably feels worse than having ridden the wrong bus, we will enjoy the treats.” 

Netizens captured the Facebook post and shared it to online forums, which created waves of shock and anger. Some commented angrily, “How can you eat someone else’s food and take a photo of it? I’m just speechless,” “That’s going too far. I’m worried the fan from Poland will see the photo,” “Even if you couldn’t give the gifts to Jonghyun, it’s wrong to create a bragging post like that,” and “Wouldn’t this be considered an act of thievery?” 

The post has been since removed by the MBC scriptwriter. 


In related news, SHINee’s Jonghyun has been serving as the radio DJ for MBC FM4U’s “Blue Night, This is Jonghyun” program. 

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