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Kwon Sang Woo Cast for New Comedic Movie "Detective"

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Looks like all you Kwon Sang Woo fans might have something to look forward to in the near future, with reports coming out that state that the talented actor will appear in a new movie called "Detective."

According to an exclusive report published by news media outlet, OSEN, Kwon Sang Woo has been cast for a new movie called "Detective" directed by Kim Jung Hoon, who previously directed and wrote the movie "Petty Romance." Director Kim Jung Hoon will once again be writing the scenario for his new movie.

How the movie "Detective" came into existence is also quite interesting in itself. The scenario for the movie was one of the award winning scenarios during Cine21's "8th Baby Scenario Contest" held in 2006. The story is about a detective story fanatic that has lived a relatively dull life before being dragged into a murder case involving his friends that he must solve to save his friends, using all the knowledge he has gathered from his years reading detective novels.

According to the report, the scenario has been eyed closely by the movie industry thanks to it's interesting and robust characters along with a highly creative script. After eight years, the scenario will finally be put on screen. 

This will be Kwon Sang Woo's first domestic movie in almost 3 years, last appearing on the movie "Pained" in 2011. While Kwon Sang Woo's characters in most of his recent projects have leaned towards the more serious and dramatic side, this movie will see Kwon Sang Woo transform into a comedic and quirky character. The movie is set to start recording in July.

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