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Lee Yoon Ji Is as Beautiful as a Rose in Sure Magazine

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Actress Lee Yoon Ji appeared to be prettier than the flowers she was holding in a pictorial for Sure Magazine.

In this lovely pictorial, looks fresh and beautiful as the bouquet of roses she holds. With her pink blush, wavy short hair, and porcelain skin, Lee Yoon Jin makes for an alluring spring goddess. 

In an interview with the magazine the actress revealed her tricks and secrets for maintaining her model-like frame. "Stretching is the exercise I have done the longest and the most important. Even at a fitness center, I spend more time at a mat than a machine. Even with a limited amount of time there are exercise that help your cardio, strength, and core." She also explained the important of eating healthy. "I eat sweet potatoes year round. Instead of just eating less, I exercise more and reduce the amount of spices on my food, enough so that my food is a little bland. Decreasing sodium in your food can produce big results."

lee yoon jilee yoon jilee yoon ji

You can catch the full interview and more photos in the April edition of Sure. 

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