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Is Tablo's Daughter, Haru, a Future Hip Hop Star?

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Oh the joys of a four-year-old.

On the March 2 episode of KBS’ “Superman Returns,” rapper Tablo’s daughter once again showed her quirkiness to the delight of her dad. In this day’s episode, the Epik High rapper and his daughter had ventured out to Hongdae to go on a mini date. When they stopped at an ice cream shop, Tablo brought out a globe to show his daughter the big world they live in.

As he showed the globe, Tablo said, “Haru, you live in Seoul, while Sarang (Chu Sarang) lives in Tokyo.” After observing the globe, Haru asked, “Where do fish live?” When the rapper asked his daughter to find it on the globe, Haru pointed at the ocean, making her father proud.

superman returns

Yet, when Tablo asked his daughter a different question, he received a surprising response. When asked where she wanted to go on a trip, without any hesitation Haru responded, “New York.” What was the reason for wanting to go New York? Haru explained, “I want to do hip hop,” causing Tablo to be surprised without words.

It’s obvious that Haru has the hip hop gene flowing through her, with her father being a part of Epik High, and also involved with YG Entertainment. Perhaps 15 years from now we can see this tyke killing it on stage.  

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