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Goo Hara Reveals What She's Been Up to on Her Break from Work

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Goo Hara, of girl group Kara, revealed what she’s been up to on her break from work.

In a short post on her fan page on January 24, she revealed details about her daily life. Kara’s fans are no doubt feeling a little unsettled by the departure of Nicole and Kang Ji Young, so Hara’s post may help ease the minds of fans, as she revealed how she’s been getting along and expressed her love for the fans.

She revealed her thoughts and expectations for next week’s Lunar New Year. “This Lunar New Year, I’ll be able to go home and spend it with my family. I’m really anticipating the New Year food.”

Hara even went into the little details about what she’s been up to. “I’m currently taking a break. When I wake up, I take my nutritional supplements, eat breakfast and drink fruit juice. Then I shower, read, listen to music and watch TV.”

“It’s the first time I’m resting at home, so while it does get boring at times, it’s still fun. I thought to myself, I have to play and rest like this for about 10 days, and it’ll be the 10th day tomorrow. It’s the first time I’m revealing this so it would be nice if it was looked upon favorably.”

What is Hara watching on TV? “I’m watching a lot of programs, including ‘Man from the Stars,’ ‘Superman Returns,’ ‘Daddy! Where Are We Going?,’ ‘Infinity Challenge’ and ‘The Genius.”

She also revealed her plans for the coming future. “It’s back to work next Monday for me, and I’ll be working hard to exercise and on my lessons, and use my time well.”

Nicole and Kang Ji Young recently announced their departure from DSP Media, and their agency has stated that the agency will be reorganizing Kara around the three remaining members when Ji Young leaves in April.


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