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Puer Kim Releases MV Still Cuts for Comeback Digital Single

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Singer-songwriter Puer Kim released a few music video stills from her upcoming digital single “Female Witch Marsh” (English title pending).

The few still cuts convey a rather dark mood fitting the title. Puer Kim is dressed in all black like a witch with a deep cut in the front. She wears a black lipstick as well, which greatly contrasts with her pale skin. Another image teaser shows her name written in blood red font and another still shows her being observed by a group of bald individuals in suits, the room which looks like to be a recording studio fit for a witch.

Yoon Jong Shin composed the track while she provided the lyrics. The song will have a witch concept with a devilish singing style and mysterious lyrics. Combined with Puer Kim’s individual charms, fans can be sure to anticipate a unique performance.

Puer Kim’s digital single will be dropped on January 21.

puer kim mv 1puer kim mv 2

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