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Does Kim Jong Min Have a Girlfriend?

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Kim Jong Min was asked whether he had a girlfriend when he appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Full House” on January 3. The topic was “One Word that Changed My Life,” and the cast discussed a variety of situations.

The set-up: Celebrating the New Year by watching the sunrise and making a wish. Kim Jong Min was asked, “While watching the sunrise, did you make any wishes?”, to which he revealed, “I want to earn a lot of money, and I want to get married.”

Announcer Jo Woo Jung then asked, “Do you have a girlfriend now?” Kim Jong Min was flustered by the question but his reply remained ambiguous and intentionally vague, “Now? If I do, I’d say I don’t, and if I don’t, I’d say I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Jo Woo Jung persisted, “Do you not have one, or do you have one?”, but Kim Jong Min evaded the question, ending the conversation with, “No comment.”

Others that appeared on “Full House” that day included fellow Koyote member Shinji, Gong Seo Young, Park Joon Gyu, interior designer Cho Hee Sun, Jeon Won Joo and Kim Heung Gook.

Kim Jong Min on "Full House"

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