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Park Shin Hye: "If I Had To Choose Between Kim Tan and Young Do..."


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Our lovely heroine of the SBS drama "The Heirs," Park Shin Hye, has recently made a surprise phone connection on a radio show, showing her wit and humor.

On November 29, FT Island's Choi Jong Hoon made a phone call to Park Shin Hye on the KBS radio show, "Super Junior's Kiss The Radio."

During the phone call, Park Shin Hye played a speed quiz game that was given by Choi Jong Hoon. FT Island's Lee Hong Ki, who costarred with Park Shin Hye in "You're Beautiful," commented, "I'm really enjoying 'The Heirs' these days." Then Park Shin Hye replied, "Our drama is doing even better due to Lee Hong Ki's OST song. I'm really loving FT Island's music these days."

Then, DJ Ryeowook also commented, "I am watching 'The Heirs' diligently with Kim Hee Chul. But let me ask, Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) versus Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho), who do you like better?"

Then Park Shin Hye answered, "In the drama, I have tried hard to avoid both Tan and Young Do. So if Eunsang is going to say who she likes better on the radio, it will cause a lot of trouble."

Then Ryeowook quickly turned the wheels and said, "Then how about Hong Ki versus Jong Hoon?" To that, Park Shin Hye jokingly replied, "That's like asking if I like my mom or my dad better. I used to be closer with Lee Hong Ki but he hasn't contacted me in a while so I'm a little mad."

Park Shin Hye left the show with a final comment as she said, "It was good to say hello to you all and I will definitely go on the show as a guest later on. There are only four episodes left to 'The Heirs.' I hope you will all love the drama until the end."

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