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Yang Hyun Suk: "I Watch Taeyang's Dance Performance Video Countless Times a Day"

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Big Bang's Taeyang recently made his solo comeback with the powerful and addictive "Ringa Linga," and the dance performance of the song was immediately met with a hot response from all over the world. Now it has been revealed that even YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk can't stop replaying the video.

The CEO had an interview session with news outlet OSEN on November 9 during which he confessed, "The video is so impressive that I am still watching it dozens and dozens of times a day."

Taeyang personally flew off to Los Angeles to shoot the dance performance with 12 of the most talented dancers in the US. Moreover, the choreography is made by Parris Goebel, the lead choreographer of ReQuest Dance Crew. She has previously worked for artists and shows such as Jennifer Lopez, Cirque de Soleil, and Dancing with the Stars. The dancer revealed on her Instagram that Taeyang was impressed by a dance video of hers on YouTube and requested her to collaborate with him. With the help of her dancing team "Cali Boys," the talented artists managed to put together the dance performance in two days. She praised how quickly Taeyang was able to pick up the routine and thanked for the opportunity.

Yang Hyun Suk explained, "Almost all of the best dancers in the US gathered for the video. Parris Goebel in particular has had a huge influence worldwide on the flow of movement and dance. I consider her to be the best at the moment, and that is why I sent Taeyang to the States."

He could not help raving about the singer's dancing skills, "The high level of Taeyang's skills can be compared to those of foreign solo artists. Even more impressive is the fact that he shines even next to some of the best dancers in the world. Honestly, I was very surprised when I saw how well he dances. He is very cool. He puts a lot of effort into learning the choreographies and is a good person to work with."

The music video of "Ringa Linga" was originally supposed to be revealed on November 9, but the release has been postponed. It is expected to come out on November 10, so stay tuned!

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