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MBLAQ's Mir Writes Emotional Diary About His Trip to Rwanda


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MBLAQ's Mir has released an emotional diary he wrote while on his humanitarian visit to Rwanda. Mir's sincere and detailed diary captures his passion for humanitarian work and also includes pictures of the trip. He sums up his trip to Rwanda by writing "I went there with the intention of helping villagers, however I was the one who was helped by receiving healing from the innocence and sincerity of the children."

The trip to Rwanda will be shown on MBC's documentary program "KOICA's Dream," and it will feature other stars such as Yoon Se Ha and Taecyeon. Mir has been a part of KOICA for three years now and previously went to Peru with G.O and Vietnam with Seungho. Mir was scheduled to be in Rwanda from September 25 to October 9, but he had arrived a week late due to his busy schedule.

Mir's diary describes how he helped the village community by doing various things like digging up the ground to install a pipe and removing a big rock. Mir also recalls a tear jerking moment he had while giving hair cuts. Mir writes "While I was giving a child a hair cut, some hair clippings went into my mouth. The child saw this and brought over an interpreter to tell me that she was sorry. When I witnessed the child's concern for me, I started to cry."


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