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[Recap] Please Don't Break My Heart – We Got Married 10.05.13

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This week on “We Got Married,” Taemin and Son Na Eun take a trip to Spain (not really), Jung Joon Young drives Jung Yoo Mi up a wall,  and Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon think about babies and how to make them. 

Please don't break my heart – This is your Soompi WGM Recap!

(In case you missed it, check out last week’s recap – You Made Me a Believer)


Forgive me WGM producers for doubting you. I genuinely thought that something happened and we would never see what the second place prize TaeEun couple won, but here it is! Never mind that it's months late, at least the producers keep their word.

Months ago the previous couples battled it out through their modeling and Taemin and Son Na Eun won second prize. They dig through hundreds of paper cranes (which poor MBC intern had to fold all of those?) to find out they get a free trip to anywhere. Cool, wait a minute, these couples go on trips all the time. How is that a prize? 

Taemin suggests the take a twenty-nine nights, thirty day trip to Spain. Son Na Eun has no problem with that but she's doubtful. Would it possible for a member of SHINee jet off to Spain, let alone do it for a whole month? Of course not, Taemin isn't fooling anyone. Even if he calls everyone's favorite manager, Min Oh, to ask permission we don't ever really believe it's going to happen.

Taemin is adamant about pretending they're going to Spain though. He keeps it up all the way to the camping site, even having Na Eun read a tourist guidebook. Na Eun doesn't really fall for it, but she can't help be disappointed when they arrive somewhere in the Korean countryside. 


It's not Spain, but it's close enough. The two arrive at a vineyard and are told that they would be making wine together. They go to pick the wild grapes they are going to end up drinking later on. To keep themselves entertain, they play games like "Does she love me?" as they pick out grapes instead of petals. Meanwhile, I am so distracted by Na Eun's hair. Sometimes it's pink, sometimes it's brown, red, or black. What is this sorcery and how do I get it done to my hair?

Taemin uses any excuse to get Na Eun to say that she likes him while he freely confesses that his heart is all for her. He even competes with her in a game to find out how much of her heart is opened to him. As the MC said, it's not like she can say it's twenty-seven centimeters opened up or anything, but Taemin must know. Na Eun accuses him of being a guy who falls in love easily but Taemin argues that he's actually a guy who falls in love for a long time. We'll see how it goes. 


After picking out their grapes, it is now time to squish them with their feet. This is something that I've actually been wanting to until I saw this video. Luckily that doesn't happen to our beautiful idols. They actually don't get to squish very much because the grapes are too cold for their feet. Don't worry, the previews for the next episode show them hanging on to each other and smearing grapes on their pretty faces.


I love Jung Joon Young. I would never date him or want to be paired up as a virtual couple, but what would I give to have this guy as a friend! I'm sure Jung Yoo Mi feels the same way: she would much prefer to be his friend than his wife. I'm really starting to feel sympathetic for her now. She's so bright and bubbly, but then too often in the show she is left exasperated by her childish fun-loving husband. 

For their first meal in the house they order black noodles. Joon Young knows that he gave Yoo Mi grief with all his luggage (the last episode) so he acts considerate towards her. Yoo Mi does notice, and falls for it. You see, this is Jung Joon Young's master plan. He does whatever he wants up to the point where he makes Yoo Mi upset, and then he does something very considerate and kind that makes her forgive him. So evil, I love it. 

While they eat they try some telepathy games to see if they're on the same wavelength. The first two rounds, they are not. The third round they both choose apple over pear (who would choose pear?) and they congratulate themselves on being a well matched couple. Then they stop playing because they know that the chance of that happening again is very slim. They're not fooling anyone.


Joon Young tells his wife that he has a surprise for her, and Yoo Mi eagerly expects a gift with her eyes closed. The gift turns out to be a set of arcade machines that any elementary student would love. Joon Young convinces Yoo Mi to try a few rounds and even though she gets into it, she's not very good and loses interest. She can't really play video games while there is still much to do around the house. She tries to get Joon Young to help put away more of their things, but he sneaks away to keep playing his games. Yoo Mi almost loses it and grabs the plastic hammer but then reminds herself that they're just getting to know each other. She manages to calm herself down, for now.


Joon Young knows he's driving Yoo Mi crazy and he says he feels apologetic. Personally, I think he likes the attention. They set up a mini jukebox and Joon Young does what he does best: rock out. It's hard to remain angry at a guy who is singing you a love song but how many times will he use this escape card before it loses its effect? 


It's really hard to take a screenshot of Jung Yoo Mi without that pink frustration crown or the animated sigh. I don't think I need to explain why.


After their romantic picnic date in the park, Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon head over to meet her expecting sister. They decide to buy a gift before they go and so they end up in a baby clothing store. Right away, I felt uncomfortable. I've been in these places, I know what really goes in that store. It may look like an innocent clothing store but what it really is is an incubator of pheromones. People go to these stores usually to buy baby clothing for someone else and they're all thinking about two things: babies and making them. I thought it was really weird that this brand new couple was going to baby store together. The way they made Yoon Han hold the baby doll creeped me out. I get why and I understand that this is an older couple, but it's weird! Is it just me? Am I freaking out over nothing because it's Saturday night and I am exhausted from working all day?


The two meet So Yeon's younger sister at a nice restaurant. So Yeon seems like a really lovely and nice person, but her sister just seems chill. Even though this is an event that would make any man nervous, her honest humor relaxes the atmosphere. Yoon Han gets a chance to ask what kind of person So Yeon is and at the same time score brownie points with the pregnant sister. Of course the restaurant has a piano so Yoon Han plays a song for the unborn child at the other's request. I wonder if it's in his contract that there must be a piano in every episode of WGM. They might run out of restaurants if they can only go to a place with a piano in it.


After the piano performance, So Yeon's sister leaves. Glad to have some time alone, Yoon Han brings out a gift for his virtual wife. It is a pair of baby booties So Yeon had been eyeing before at the store. He presents it to her and I'm thinking "OH MY GOD THERE'S A RING IN THERE" but there wasn't. Silly me. Rather, there's a note that says that this is the first of a hundred presents he wants to give her. Personally, I think a note that reads "please be my baby's mama" would have been more fitting but I guess that's not his style. They decide to take a bootie each. So Yeon looks at her gift and thinks what any other woman would have thought, "Thank you, BUT WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?" Glad to know she's human. The two exchange numbers and pinky promise to call each other. 

I honestly don't know what to make of this couple. So far I've been interested, bored, and now I'm fearful. I can only see one happy ending for this couple and that is them getting married for real. Any other ending is going to upset me. What if Yoon Han gets caught dating another woman? What if So Yeon drops out of the show because of the excuse everyone uses: "scheduling reasons?" I don't want to get attached to this couple, and yet I see the way So Yeon bashfully yet hopefully looks at Yoon Han and I am torn. A part of me hopes that she is just that good of an actress.

 That's all for this recap! How do you feel about the three couples? Leave a comment below and as always, talk to Noona! Follow her on Twitter

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