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Who Wore It Better? Suzy vs. HyunA

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The news agency Dispatch recently posted an article showing Miss A’s Suzy and 4Minute’s leader HyunA wearing the same burgundy-colored two-piece outfit.

Two-piece clothing were often worn by middle-aged “powerwomen” but they recently brought on a new level of attention from numerous fashionistas around the globe. Many of the reasons why they are so loved include formality, they can be worn separately, and most importantly, they can be worn anywhere, at anytime.

Suzy was seen with this outfit on “The Star” magazine for the October issue, and HyunA was spotted earlier promoting the first opening of the “Greyhound” shop in August. Dispatch wrote that Suzy was showing off a sexy look whereas HyunA looked more adorable.

This two-piece outfit is a new product from the Thai brand “Greyhound.” It has a sleeveless top that goes down to the upper part of one’s back along with a high-waisted skirt which can be seen as a mini-dress as well. The two-piece has a herringbone pattern with a graduation of burgundy on top of it. The price for each of the piece is 215,000 won, approximately $200 in American dollars.

Suzy looked simply confident for her October photo shoot. Her top was folded to make it shorter, thus showing off her slim waist. Her red lipstick helped to give an overall sexy ambiance, and her black heels accentuated her tall figure. Her wavy hair was decorated with a large ribbon hairband which added a hint of vivacity for the pictorial.

As for HyunA, she came across as enchanting and was barely showing any skin. Her smoky eye-makeup and wine-colored lipstick gave off a luxurious vibe, and the black ankle kill-heel boots made her look modern and chic. The gold and metal bangle bracelets were great accessories that matched superbly with her outfit for that day.

So who wore it better? Suzy transformed from being the sweet “first love” to a sexy young woman, and although HyunA has always been known as a sexy icon, she looked a bit softer than usual. Both avoided showing too much skin, but their accessories helped to make each of their outfits more unique than the other. 

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