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Jung Ga Eun and Bae Ho Geun Rumored to Be the Latest Celebrity Couple


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On September 10, various news agencies reported that actors Jung Ga Eun and Bae Ho Geun are the newest celebrity couple.

Insiders commented, "Jung Ga Eun and Bae Ho Geun have recently developed into a couple." The sources continued, "Jung Ga Eun is close friends with Hwang In Young. Since Hwang In Young is in the movie, 'Hero,' Jung Ga Eun went to the set a lot to support her. That is where she met and got close to Bae Ho Geun, who is also in 'Hero.'"

However both actors' agencies spoke with OSEN and said, "Both of them are interested in each other so it is hard to call them an official couple."

Jung Ga Eun's sources said, "After checking with her, Jung Ga Eun said she was meeting Bae Ho Geun with good feelings but it's hard to say if they're officially dating. They have more of a close oppa and dongseng relationship."

Bae Ho Geun's sources also said, "Both of them became closer in a matter of a few months through hanging out with other staff members or acquaintances and they developed good feelings for each other," and "It's too early to call them a couple. They are still in the process of developing feelings."

Jung Ga Eun debuted in 1997 as a model and became famous for being Song Hye Gyo's lookalike on "Star King" in 2008. She was also recognized for her appearances on tvN's "Rollercoaster," KBS' "Sponge" and MBC Every1's "Infinity Girls." She is currently a cast member of the SBS drama, "Master's Sun."

Bae Ho Geun debuted in 2007 through the film, "Bravo My Life" and was in other films such as "Heartbeat," "You're My Pet," and "A Hot Goodbye." Bae Ho Geun's upcoming film "Hero" will hit theaters on October 8.

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