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Why Did Joo Won Put On A Thick Layer Of Suncreen?

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When he is not immersed in his latest acting role for drama "Good Doctor," Joo Won is usually seen showing off a different side of himself on KBS's popular variety show "1 Night, 2 Days." This week, he has once again given viewers something to laugh about and all he needed was sunscreen- a lot of sunscreen.


On the recent airing of KBS's "1 Night, 2 Days" the team headed to the city of Gangneung so that they could hike across the famous Gangneung Rock Trek. During this episode, Joo Won and Sung Si Kyung was heading to Jumunjin when Joo Won decided to use a brief pause to apply some sunscreen to avoid the current heat wave. However, in his efforts to fully cover his face, he goes a bit overboard and ends up looking like one of the characters from the Japanese Kabuki theatre performances.

But why was Joo Won so intent on making sure his skin was kept in tip top condition? The reason is because of his latest drama "Good Doctor." Joo Won explains, "I don't usually apply sunscreen, but when I'm with (Moon) Chae Won the camera man keeps saying that the white balance is off," hence Joo Won's effort to try and get his skin color to match Moon Chae Won's fairer skin. Joo Won, however, seems pretty happy with his work saying that it "Looks Alright" while looking at his new image in the mirror.

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