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U-KISS Supports Members' Musical "Goong"

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U-KISS showed their support for members Kiseop and Hoon, who are cast in the popular musical “Goong,” according to TV Daily.

U-KISS tweeted, “Hoon and Kiseop have successfully finished their performance of ‘Goong’ thanks to the support of Soo Hyun, Eli, AJ, Kevin, Dongho, and Kiss Me. Thank you and we love you, Kiss Me!” U-KISS also uploaded a few pictures.


In one picture, the members stand in the entrance of the waiting room ready to surprise Kiseop and Hoon. They all have big, bright smiles on their faces, and Kiseop and Hoon are truly surprised.

Netizens commented,” Are they allowed to be this cute?” “I hope that through the musical, your growth as artists will continue,” and “It’s nice to see U-KISS members getting along so well.”

Kiseop and Hoon performed at the Osaka Theater Brava in Japan.

A agency representative said, “U-KISS was supposed to leave for Japan this weekend in preparation for the Japan tour during the end of July, but the rest of the members insisted that they go see the musical to support Kiseop and Hoon, so they left earlier.”

U-KISS’ Japan tour, called “U-KISS Japan Live Tour 2013,” will start at the end of July. Afterwards, U-KISS will prepare for a comeback in Korea. 

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