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Junsu (XIA) Sings "11AM" A Cappella in Emotional Music Video

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JYJ‘s Junsu (XIA) has released a music video and album jacket image for the single "11AM."

The music video or special clip is for the track “11AM,” which is released before Junsu's second full-length solo album release on July 15. 

The song in the music video takes the format of a “live” recording, showcasing Junsu’s voice and emotions recorded in one take for the music video and not a separate studio track. He sings the song acapella style in the beginning with a piano melody added midway, relaying the raw emotions of the song he is singing at that time. ”11AM” is about the pain of parting with a loved one.

Junsu 11am jacket

XIA's second solo album jacket image.

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