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SNSD YoonA, "I Would Date Alex and Marry Oh Sang Jin"

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On Christmas Eve, SNSD prepared a special Christmas event for their fans with “SNSD’s Christmas Fairy Tale.” The girls sang various Christmas carols, as well as their hits. During the show, SNSD also delighted fans with special performances from their international concerts and also invited guest singers like Sung Shi Kyung and SHINee’s Onew to sing with them. Emcees Oh Sang Jin and Alex of Clazziquai presented a special wedding performance with SNSD’s YoonA by singing Basis’sPlease Introduce Me to Someone Nice.” 

After the performance, Oh Sang Jin asked, “So many male stars like Lee Seung Gi, Jang Geun Suk, Chun Jung Myung, Nichkhun, and many more have chosen you as their ideal type. Who comes closet to your ideal type?” YoonA answered, “I’m always surprised whenever I hear them choose me because they’re all such amazing people.” She added, “I can’t really choose anyone specifically, but I would like to thank them all.”

Oh Sang Jin then probed, “If Alex and Oh Sang Jin were the only two in the world, what would you do?” YoonA humorously replied, “I would date Alex and marry Oh Sang Jin. How does that sound?"

Check out YoonA, Alex, and Oh Sang Jin’s performance below!

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