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Celebrities Mourn Fallen Soldiers


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All men over the age of 18 are required to serve in the Korean military for about two years. While most men are placed, some men make a special request – to be in the Marines. The Marines are known to have some of the most rigorous training, and unlike other forces, most men in the Marines are there because they want to be. As such, people in Korea have a high level of respect for those who do their service in the Marines. The men who serve in the Marines also share a special bond.

A number of celebrities have chosen this route to complete their military service. And when they heard about the two fellow Marines who died in the artillery exchange not too long ago, they mourned deeply.


Singer Lee Jung


Singer Kim Heung Gook and Lee Jung at soldiers' funeral

On the 24th, singer Lee Jung tweeted: “Suh Jung Woo, Moon Gwang Wook … Marines, who I love … I hope you’re resting in a better place.” Lee Jung enlisted in the Marines in October of 2008 and finished his service this past August. It’s only been three months since he has finished, which is why this may have hit him harder than some. Lee Jung also visited the soldiers' funeral with singer Kim Heung Gook.

Actor Jung Suk Won

Actor Jung Suk Won, who served in the Special Forces in the Marines, wrote on his Cyworld minihompy, “I’m so angry. The more I think about it, the angrier I get. May you rest in peace, Marine Suh Jung Woo and Marine Moon Gwang Wook. I really just don’t know what to say …”



Actor Choi Philip

Choi Philip, who was a trainer in the Marines, tweeted, “Two Marines who I love died in the battlefield … You gave your life for the country, wearing the fiery red name tag of the Marines … May you rest in peace.”


Comedian Lim Huk Pil

Comedian Lim Hyuk Pil also tweeted saying, “It’s been 15 years since I finished my service, but it hurts more because they were Marines. May you rest in peace.”

Private Moon Gwang Wook and Sergeant Suh Jung Woo – rest in peace.

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