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Favourite bubble tea?

Guest catcoffee

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Guest angelaness

Mine is mango slush with bubbles. BUT i only get slush from kung fu tea. Other places make it really bad.

I also like yakult grapefruit.

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Guest carebearrie

My regular is usually green milk tea with honey boba. other times I order frosted milk with pudding  n boba , honeydew smoothie, avocado smoothie, strawberry milk tea, chocolate milk tea,  etc

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Guest shooting_stars

I'm so confused. I used to think bubble tea included smoothies/shakes, but after working in a Chinese restaurant, I've learned that some people consider it to be milk tea and other flavored teas with the tapioca pearls, and smoothies/shakes don't count??
Well, either way, my favorite flavors are always red bean, honeydew, coconut, or taro!

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