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Full Metal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala (Movie)


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info on the movie...and etc..

Not only Alphonse, but as Earth appears to be a parallel world to his, Edward encounters some people whose faces are familiar to him. After lending a hand to Noah, a troubled Roma woman, Edward is thrown in a series of events that can open him a path to return to his homeworld, but also eludes a conspiration that can bring serious consequences to both worlds.

Aloof to Edward's situation, Alphonse Elric ventures deeper into the mysteries of alchemy in search of a way to reunite with his older brother.

Opening Song: Lost heaven

Ending Song: Link

both songs are from: L'Arc~en~Ciel

(If you anyone wants the two songs.. PM me i can upload them for you)

the movie has come out in Japan... but the DUBB'ed version is coming out in September

Voice Cast:

Edward Elric = Romi Paku = Vic Mignogna

Alphonse Elric = Rie Kugimiya = Aaron Dismuke

Roy Mustang = Toru Ohkawa = Travis Willingham

Alphonse Heiderich = Shun Oguri = Jason Liebrecht (Not Ed's Brother)

Winry Rockbell = Megumi Toyoguchi = Caitlin Glass

some more pics





Credit:Wikapedia, and google

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Guest madeinktown

saw it already. i wasn't very impressed. i think this is one of those things where the series was totally awesome but the movie was like -_-

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Guest TrainDriver

i guess many ppl didn't like it cos it was nothing like all the speculation after the series. i admit it wasn't as good as i thought i'd be, but i still liked it. it didn't have the same atmosphere as the series.

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Guest kyo_lover

i thought movie was okay though the ending was a shocker to me. The animation was not as fantastic and clear as the series and the storyline was more dull and meaningless. Too much historical background to it. There was a resolution to the end though, at least the brothers got together. Despite tha fact that it wasn;t as good as i expected it, i still love the movie!

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Guest madeinktown

i didn't like how al tried to model after edward. i thought al looked sorta queer. he just can't carry the red coat like edward.

if they wanted to continue with a new series about finding the bomb, i would watch it.

the movie was just excecuted badly.

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Guest ichigo_no_powder

dubbed version in september? didn't they already come out with a dubbed version a long time ago? or are they going to release a official one?

I love Fullmetal, I love the fact that they got Oguri Shun to be Alphonse's seiyuu but I hated the storyline for this movie. for me it was both confusing and boring.

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Guest junghwa_melowdeeh

oguri shun ? cooooolll maybe i'll actually finish watching this... ^__^; but from what you guys said it doesn't seem worth it for me to dig it up again..

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