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______________ <3 DANIEL HENNEY

Guest Korean_chick

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Guest X__YeaH

Hes hot but his personality makes him perfect.they fit together SO NICELEY.

when i see him in interviews or clips from behind the scenes..its like


too bad hes taken by hyori =T

But shes the only girl i'll let slide b/c shes perfect too. (:

ah those pix with the flames. so hot

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Guest yunhee

얼굴이 정말 예술 같아...

Easy On The Eyes...

카리스마 있고, 멋있고, 스타일 있고, 얼굴잘생겼고...

너무 완벽해.

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Omg... the first picture with the glasses make me think he can play a asian version of Superman.....

Yo. he's hott. That's all there is to it!

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Guest dingdoinks


he really kills me

esp in the first pic

he looks so hot n sexy

he looks super cool in glasses

and i love his smile.. he make ppl smile when he smiles =D

thx for sharing

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Guest delightful123

Handsome man indeed but I am the only one who is not attracted to his looks. He does not appeal to me like Dennis O does. :)

same!! haha.. i mean.. he is attactive.. and very handsome... but dennis o is better to me x]

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Guest prettykorean07

*faint* he is built like a god....lol i'm not pagan but still...ekkee "god" is the only word that comes to mind ><;; but i'm christian so that sounds odd so...."demi-god" hahaha that's better ^^ but still *drool* oh so sexy~~~

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